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The laptop that the boys use is a Dell, but it is unclear whether it belongs to Sam or Dean. As Sam was at college, the likelihood is that it was his. He certainly seems to use it more, but Dean does comment in the Pilot that he ran the audio tape through Goldwave, which is a sound editing computer programe, so he must have had access to a computer at least.

Dean's cellphone is a Motorola i850. The number is 866-907-3235. He has several people in his contact list including Sam and his Dad.
Sam owns a Palm Treo 650. It is a camera phone with a flip top that he uses to take photos of the symbols on the wall of the Hell House and can also be used to retrieve and send emails. His email address is (domain name not 100% confirmed, but likely).

Digital Camcorder
Sometimes images can be seen on digital cameras and camcorders that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In this case, Dean uses the camcorder to look for any spectral activity.

EMF Meter
Electromagnetic Field Meter. Used to the rate of change of a magnetic field, and EMF reader is regularly used by ghost hunters as any kind of paranormal activity shows up as a high level of activity on the meter. Dean uses a homemade one.

Infrared Thermal Scanner
Dean uses the scanner to search for any hot or cold in the area. Ghosts and spirits tend to change the temperature of the area they are haunting, allowing for them to be identified using a thermal scanner.
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