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 Monsters :-SS :-SS

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"If something isn't undead, and it isn't really a spirit, and it isn't really a demon, what is it? The best word we can come up with is 'monster'."(The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons and Ghosts by Alex Irvine)
Characters are listed by surname where known. If a character has only one name, he/she will be listed under that.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Madison
Owens, Madison
Appearance(s): Heart
Category: Werewolf
Status: Deceased
Played By: Emmanuelle Vaugier
When Madison Owens [4] got mugged, she never expected that she was also bitten by a werewolf. Unknowingly, she too became a werewolf. She began a relationship with Sam Winchester, but when she realised that there was no cure for what had happened, she begged him to kill her. Sam struggled with the decision, but eventually managed to do as she asked.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Rakasha
Appearance(s): Everybody Loves A Clown
Category: Shapeshifter
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Unknown
One of a race of ancient Hindu creatures, the Rakshasa feeds on human flesh. It takes human form and, in this particular case, works in a circus, where it has access to children. They need to feed every 20 or 30 years and sleep on a bed of dead insects. It was destroyed by Sam.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Rawhead
Appearance(s): Faith
Category: Monster
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Unknown
A type of hobgoblin, the Rawhead traditionally lives near water or under sink pipes, which could explain why he's living in a basement. Dean and Sam decided to attack it with tasers rather than more traditional weapons. It was killed by a hit with the taser.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Skinwalker_skin
Appearance(s): Skin
Category: Skinwalker
Status: Destroyed
Played By: N/A
This particular shapeshifter was born human but suffered from a genetic mutation that allowed him to take on the form of other people, possibly designed to hide his hideous, deformed self. He also has a psychic link with those whose form he takes. He was killed by Dean while looking like Dean, leaving some ongoing confusion as to Dean's official status.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Skinwalker_nightshifter
Appearance(s): Nightshifter
Category: Skinwalker
Status: Destroyed
Played By: N/A
The second skinwalker that Dean and Sam encountered was during the bank holdup. They identified it from the relective flare that shows up in its eyes when it is seen on camera. This particular skinwalker was driven by greed.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Skinwalker_monstermovie
Appearance(s): Monster Movie
Category: Skinwalker
Status: Destroyed
Played By: N/A
The third skinwalker that the boy encountered was taking on the appearance of classic movie monsters, as well as that of a girl named Lucy. He claimed to have been "born this way" and was treated as a monster by his father, again indicating that he was, at least superficially, human. He was killed by Jamie with a silver bullet.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Tulpa
Appearance(s): Hell House
Category: Thoughtform
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Nicholas Harrison
A Tulpa is the physical manifestation of a thought. When the legend of Mordecai Murdoch was spread via the Hell Hound's Lair website, it was enhanced by the appearance of a Tibetan spirit sigil that had been painted on the walls of the house. These two things combined created a physical being. The being was destroyed when Dean burnt down his physical base - the house.

Monsters :-SS :-SS Wendigo
Appearance(s): Wendigo
Category: Monster
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Unknown
According to John's journal, Wendigo is an Cree Indian word that means "evil that devours". The Wendigo are hundreds of years old and each was once a man who turned to cannibalism to survive and found that it changed them, giving them enhanced speed and strength, and granting them near immortality. They hibernate for years at a time and store humans to eat when they wake. Guns are useless against them - the only good defence is fire.
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Monsters :-SS :-SS
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