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 Gods :-SS :-SS

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Gods :-SS :-SS Carrigans
The Carrigans
Appearance(s): A Very Supernatural Christmas
Category: Pagan Gods
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Spencer Garrett (Edward), Merrilyn Gann (Madge)
More than 2000 years old, these two Pagan gods have tried to assimilate by becoming The Carrigans. Proud of the fact they now only kill three or four people a year, as opposed to the hundreds they used to, they are discovered by Dean and Sam. Evergreen stakes were needed to kill them.

Gods :-SS :-SS Leshii
Appearance(s): Fallen Idol
Category: Pagan God
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Paris Hilton
Leshii was a Pagan God who guarded a forest in the Balkans, in Eastern Europe. He was a mischievious god who could only be appeased with blood from his worshippers. He would drain them and then leave seeds in their stomachs. The God is living in Canton, Ohio, using the fact that people worship the waxworks in the museum there to find new people to feed on. He (or She, as the Leshii was wearing the form of Paris Hilton) was killed by Sam.

Gods :-SS :-SS Trickster
The Trickster
Appearance(s): Tall Tales, Mystery Spot
Category: Norse God
Status: Presumed Alive
Played By: Richard Speight Jr
From the official website: Demigod-like immortal creatures that thrive on creating mischief and mayhem. With the power to make objects materialize out of thin air, the Trickster accomplishes its destructive feats via unusual and oftern humorous means, its intent to humble the self-important. The Tricker's metabolism is such that it craves sugary treats and consumes calories voraciously. To kill a Trickster one must obtain a stake dipped in the blood of its victim and plunge it into the creature's heart. Famous Tricksters include Loki of Scandinavian myth and Anansi of West Africa.
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Gods :-SS :-SS
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