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 Sam Winchester

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Sam Winchester Jared-PADALECKI-b
Full Name : Samuel Winchester
Date of Birth : 2nd May 1983
Place of Birth : Lawrence, Kansas
Height : 6'4"
Weight : 180-190 lbs
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown

Distinguishing Features
Tattoo of a protection symbol on his chest

Pre-Series Timeline
Age 6 months - Mary was killed
Age 6 - Attacked by a Shtriga
Age 8 - Gives Dean the amulet meant for John as a Christmas gift
Age 12 - Wins a Division Championship Soccer trophy
Age 18 or 19 - Leaves his family to study at Stanford
Age 20 - Starts dating Jessica Moore
Age 22 - Dean turns up and begs him to help find John. Jessica is killed.

Major Injuries
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Wrist broken in a fight with a zombie.
Born Under A Bad Sign - Possessed by a Demon.
All Hell Breaks Loose Part One / Part Two - Killed by Jake Talley. Resurrected due to Dean exchanging his soul for Sam's life.
I Know What You Did Last Summer - Serious cut to his upper arm. Stitched up back up himself. Ouch.

Special Abilities
Pre-cognitive visions
Sam developed these abilities when Azazel dripped his own demon blood into Sam's mouth when Sam was just 6 months old. Like the other children this happened to, Sam developed a psychic ability - in his case pre-cognitive visions. He also appeared to have a low level telekinetic ability, although this only seemed to work when he was especially angry or upset. With the help of Ruby's tuition, these abilities have evolved and he is now able to exorcise demons with the use of his telekinesis. This isn't easy for him, and the strain of it often leaves him with a nosebleed.
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Sam Winchester
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