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 next Ruby :) :) :)

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next Ruby :) :) :) 081119Genevieve-Cortese
Ruby was introduced in the season 3 opener "Magnificent Seven". At the beginning her true identity was a mystery. She killed a few demons with a special knife to save Sam, giving him the impression that she is a hunter just like the boys. At the end of "The kids are Alright" (3.02), she revealed to Sam her true nature - a demon. However, she continues to help and save the boys time and again in later episodes. Her background story was told in "Malleus Maleficarum" (3.09). Ruby was a witch who gave her soul to another demon and became one. When the boys opened the gate to Hell, she escaped. Unlike the other, she still remembers the time she was a human and told Dean that she wants them to win this war against the demons.
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next Ruby :) :) :)
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